Set Marker for Immunity tests

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Set Marker for Immunity tests

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it wold be helpfull, if I had the posibillity to set marker on the immunity graph. The Marker should show the frequency and the amplitude information. By the way the markar for the emission tests are not included in the legend. This is pretty "unlucky".

Greets Marius
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Re: Set Marker for Immunity tests

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Hello Marius,

It is indeed not possible to place fixed markers inside the graph, nor to have a legend at this moment.
However, when you move your mouse above the graph the information you mentioned is already showed in the leftmost corner of the graph (as can been seen from the screenshot).
This information is updated real-time when moving the mouse around your graph.
RadiatedImmunityMB_graph information.png
RadiatedImmunityMB_graph information.png (57.44 KiB) Viewed 9412 times
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