VSWR Warning / Error instead of amplifier reverse limit

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VSWR Warning / Error instead of amplifier reverse limit

Post by Lüder »

Dear Radimation,
it would be realy nice to have a VSWR limit with each antenna.
Actual we got amplifier reverse power limits, this I use to check if antenna is connected / cable brocken etc.
But if a test with low power is perform (and antenne ist nor connected) the reverse power is below the limit an radimation has no warning. It would be much nicher to check VSWR instead of reverse power.
Is it posible?

best regards
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Re: VSWR Warning / Error instead of amplifier reverse limit

Post by sast »

It is currently not possible to show the VSWR limits.
However, it is something we do want to extend our software with.
Your suggestion for improvement is therefore added to the existing item #7718: Ability to also show VSWR or Gain in RadiMation Free.

I found an old item: #1980: Multiband immunity should include a graph for the VSWR.
It describes that it is possible to "Added a test-level input. Also a configuration window is created for the testlevel. Also a graphline is shown for the input, showing the VSWR values. The VSWR is calculated from the forward and reflected power. (at the input of the antenna!)". This should thus already be possible to do with RadiMation, using Multiband immunity.
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