New version: RadiMation version 2014.2.3

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New version: RadiMation version 2014.2.3

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Today we released a new major version of RadiMation software, which includes several improvements and small fixes for problems that have been detected since the release of the 2014.2.2 version.
This version 2014.2.3 is the new major version that has been validated at DARE!! Measurements for two weeks. During this two week period no problems have been found. We however strongly advise to test this each new version of RadiMation on for example a seperate PC or laptop before you start using it on a daily basis.

The following issues are fixed in this 2014.2.3 version (compared to the 2014.2.2 version):
  • #5189: Sweeptime is used during final measurement instead of the QP measurement time
  • #5381: Bonn BLMA 0832-270D can't control the ON/OFF of band 2
  • #5566: LAN control of the R&S ESPI Controlled LISN
  • #5583: TSF Turntable settings are not retained
  • #5585: Editing the device driver from the Calibration expire window always opens the first in the list
  • #5586: Information is not visible with current printout templates
  • #5588: Selection of the graph lines in the Graph customization is not working
If you have specific questions regarding on of the above items, please contact us at

The complete list of release notes can be found on:

The new 2014.2.3 release of RadiMation can be downloaded from the DARE!! web-site: Image
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