New version: RadiMation version 2014.2.6

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New version: RadiMation version 2014.2.6

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Today we released a new major version of RadiMation software, which includes several improvements and small fixes for problems that have been detected since the release of the 2014.2.3 version.
This version 2014.2.6 is the new major version that has been validated at DARE!! Measurements for two weeks. During this two week period no problems have been found. We however strongly advise to test this each new version of RadiMation on for example a seperate PC or laptop before you start using it on a daily basis.

The following issues are fixed in this 2014.2.6 version (compared to the 2014.2.3 version):
  • #5358: Peak numbering between graph and table are not corresponding
  • #5542: R&S BBA100 RF Amplifier has no RF Path selected
  • #5599: Changing between communication streams reset the saved user settings
  • #5601: Timeout with Gauss TDEMI receiver
  • #5603: Strange measurements with LeCroy wavesurfer 64Xs
  • #5610: Path configuration seems to be lost
  • #5613: Timeout error with R&S ESI 40 as powermeter
  • #5628: No match was found in the regex with Chauvin Arnoux 43 probe
  • #5052: Reference level is changed during measurement, generating an IF overload
  • #5121: Cannot access the file because it is being used by another process
  • #5126: Peak values ​​are far below the Quasi peak values
  • #5278: Driver AD Agilent 53220A (Frequency Counter)
  • #5284: Slow measurement, when ESU8 used as powermeter and Att on auto
  • #5377: LLF style and color settings are not retained
  • #5417: Detected overload R&S ESIB is ignored during test
  • #5445: How to configure measurement with Schwarzbeck HXYZ 9170 Triple Loop Antenna
  • #5487: Driver Agilent AD Converter 34972 for multiple measurements
  • #5578: Optimize height and angle are not using the correct measurement results
  • #5606: Optimize height and optimize angle settings are not retained
  • #5617: AR 250W1000B can't be controlled by ethernet
  • #5631: Could not find file C:\ADVANCED.DAT
  • #5635: Driver R&S FSH 3 as readout unit for field probe
  • #5638: Error AR FM50040 field probe not connected or not activated
  • #5643: Graphlines will become invisible after opening other test results
  • #5644: R&S BBA100 RF Amplifier timeout and command not possible errors
  • #5648: Peak table keywords for (SQL queries) are not available for the enduser
  • #5649: Generating a WORD.DOCX report using a WORD.DOCM template causes a runtime error
  • #5651: The report generator should show a clearer message if the report cannot be opened
  • #5652: Repetition interval data of a detected peak is lost when an angle optimization is performed
  • #5654: Agilent N5183-520 error -222,"Data out of range; value clipped to upper limit."
  • #5655: Used observation time for the final measurement is too short if first measurement takes a long time
  • #5657: 25A250AM2 doesn't switch off after measurement
  • #5658: Should we insert an Absorbing clamp?
  • #5659: Why does the expected forward power value differs?
  • #5660: Enable the Repetition Interval determination by default
  • #1742: Auto attenuation can result in false measurements, QP is going higher than PK
  • #2510: Remeasurement of peaks should be possible to do with different testequipment than prescan
  • #3294: R&S ESIB 26 Timeout while waiting for *OPC command
  • #4195: Crash at the end of an immunity test
  • #4219: Amplifier IFI SMC 100 error Not all bytes are written on GPIB
  • #4230: Driver: IFI SMC 100 amplifier
  • #4790: R&S Spectrum analyser FSH6 does not work
  • #4984: Driver Agilent 33621A and 33622A
  • #5075: Rename R&S NRT Channel 1 & 2 device driver to R&S NRT
  • #5280: LISN default frequency range settings is not disabled
  • #5335: Can't connected with R&S NRP Z91 power meter
  • #5577: AR10W1000C communication issue
  • #5653: How to install the R&S NRP-Z91
  • #5654: Agilent N5183-520 error -222,"Data out of range; value clipped to upper limit."
  • #5668: GPIB Primary Address settings is blown up
  • #5669: Table information is not automatically resized
  • #5681: Driver: Amplifier Research 15S1G6
  • #5690: Update N5183 device driver series names
  • #5720: Maximum field on this frequency warnings, field is zero, amplifier protection errors etc.
If you have specific questions regarding on of the above items, please contact us at

The complete list of release notes can be found on:

The most important improvements in this 2014.2.6 release are:
  • The determined peak repetition interval will be used in multiband emission tests to correctly measure the peak-emission
  • The reference level is not set to low, which will reduce IF overloads
  • Directory path and file access is improved
  • More device drivers are supported and improved
The new 2014.2.6 release of RadiMation can be downloaded from the DARE!! web-site: Image
We also strongly recommend to also download and install the latest device drivers Image after the 2014.2.6 version is installed.
This RadiMation 2014.2.6 release has been in use in our company for several weeks without any problems. We however advise that you verify (according to your quality system) this new RadiMation software version in your setup and with your measurement equipment, before you are going to use it for daily operation.
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