New version: RadiMation version 2014.2.10

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New version: RadiMation version 2014.2.10

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Today we released an updated major version of RadiMation software, which includes several improvements and small fixes for problems that have been detected since the release of the 2014.2.7 version.
We strongly advise to test this each new version of RadiMation on for example a seperate PC or laptop before you start using it on a daily basis.

The following issues are fixed in this 2014.2.10 version (compared to the 2014.2.7 version):
  • #4639: Cancel button Multiband is Pause button
  • #4959: Remote controlling Maturo NCD over LAN
  • #5215: R&S ESU8 - EMI error Not all bytes are written to the GPIB-board within the timeout period
  • #5542: R&S BBA100 RF Amplifier has no RF Path selected
  • #5709: Unknown Device type errors Switch matrixes Radicentre CTR 1008A raises Device Not Connected errors
  • #5735: R&S ESU: Query interrupted error
  • #5774: Antenna tower reports the error: Field probe is still busy with zeroing the field probe
  • #5804: Error message when downloading and starting 2014.2.8
  • #5806: RPR connection is lost and can't be restored
  • #5817: Not all bytes are written with Sunol SC99V controller
  • #5820: Very low forward power during CDN calibration
  • #5822: Unexplainable 20dB offset of CE measurement results
  • #5833: Object error during startup splash screen crashes RadiMation
  • #5834: Error access to the path (..) is denied
  • #5865: How to configure the PMM 9030 User Controlled LISN?
  • #5867: Expected automated measurement in Multiband when manual mode test window appears
  • #5869: How to configre a ISO11452-2 Radiated Immunity (with Radar Pulse) test?
  • #5870: Driver Sunol controller SC110V
  • #4684: AR 150W1000 in remote is not working correctly
  • #4707: Conventional Antenna and Turntable settings
  • #4727: Data export methods are exporting in a different way
  • #5322: Signal Generator setting the frequency raised an error
  • #5580: Description of Optimize Height and optimize Angle functionality is missing
  • #5808: Driver Amplifier Research 1000A225 amplifier
  • #5835: General issues with the R&S ESRP
  • #5844: Advantest analyzer as powermeter is not automatically switching the attenuator
  • #5861: Not possible to remote control Milmega AS0102-100 and AS1860-100 amplifier
  • #5861: Not possible to remote control Milmega AS0102-100 and AS1860-100 amplifier
  • #5871: Metrohm Antenna Tower device driver
  • #5873: Power delivery test fails
  • #5874: Driver PMM EP408 electrical field probe
  • #5881: Radimation doesn't detect the Software Protection Dongle/key
  • #2824: Up down control of Carrier level control in manual mode test, is always going upwards
  • #2825: Multiband immunity test with a signal generator output correction does not regulate correctly
  • #3572: Prana AP32MT255 command set has changed after upgrade.
  • #5633: Equipment keywords are not replaced and 'found new code' Receiver
  • #5875: Infinity regulation of carrier level started at 120011 dBm
If you have specific questions regarding on of the above items, please contact us at

The complete list of release notes can be found on:

The most important improvements in this 2014.2.10 release are:
  • More additional and improvement of device drivers
  • Fixes a problem with the signal generator carrier level in Multiband, if an output correction file was specified for the signal generator
The new 2014.2.10 release of RadiMation can be downloaded from the DARE!! web-site: Image
We also strongly recommend to also download and install the latest device drivers Image after the 2014.2.10 version is installed.
We strongly advise that you verify (according to your quality system) this new RadiMation software version in your setup and with your measurement equipment, before you are going to use it for daily operation.
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