New version: RadiMation version 2016.1.9

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New version: RadiMation version 2016.1.9

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We have released an updated minor version of RadiMation software, which includes several new device drivers and some small fixes for problems that have been detected since the release of the 2016.1.8 version.
We strongly advise to test and verify (according to your quality system) this and each new version of RadiMation at for example a separate PC or laptop with your setup and with your measurement equipment, before you are going to use it for daily operation.

The following issues are fixed in this 2016.1.9 version (compared to the 2016.1.8 version):
  • #1957: Wrong message when no impedance file is selected
  • #3001: Manual is missing information on how the corrections (and the to be used columns) should be used
  • #3444: LISN ESU User port lan device
  • #4975: Sorting of table frequency data in the Report is incorrect
  • #5815: Driver Agilent N1911A powermeter
  • #5863: Error File is not found: %s when opening TSF or after crash
  • #5994: Test initialization failed for Agilent N5181A-506 with Pulse Modulation option
  • #6177: CARAD EUT Controller driver raises Ethernet not connected errors
  • #6752: The Device Specific value 'Power' of the powermeter should be renamed to 'Uncorrected Power'
  • #6902: Keywords TEST SITE EMAIL ADDRESS and CLIENT EMAIL ADDRESS are not working anymore
  • #6933: Driver Luthi MDS 20 Absorbing Clamp
  • #6934: Driver EMCO 3158 Antenna
  • #6935: Driver CBL 6144 antenna
  • #6936: Driver ARA DRG 118a Antenna
  • #6944: Driver Holaday HI4422 FieldProbe
  • #6951: Driver Schaffner NSG 2070
  • #6961: Description for this error is not available is shown during startup
  • #6964: Ability to have Start and Stop Dwelltime events for the NI 6218 switch matrix
  • #6993: RadiGen RGN6000B Setting the output level raised an error
  • #7010: Use a NI USB6501 to switch between forward and reflected power
  • #7024: Problem solving for the test setup of a Conducted Immunity Mil Std Calibration
  • #7025: Driver Rohde & Schwarz ESW26
  • #7040: Marconi signal generator doesn't respond on *STB?
  • #7197: Driver Generic National Instruments Output Switch
  • #7275: Switching matrix OSP 120. Relay K11 on slot 3 doesn't switch
  • #7291: RadiGen RGN6000B HF Returns error: -222 Data out of range
  • #7298: TCPIP Communication is not working correctly for the TDEMI
  • #7304: TCPIP controlled TDEMI Powermeter raises a crossthread error message
  • #7311: Driver Aaronia Spectran HF-60100 V4 X
  • #7314: Insert additional frequencies
  • #7340: Driver AE Techron 7224
  • #7341: Driver OSR C21A8
  • #7342: Driver TESEQ CIP 8136
  • #7343: Driver Rohde & Schwarz ESW8
  • #7345: Driver Agilent 87405A pre-amplifier
  • #7346: Driver Agilent 34401A
  • #7348: Driver Agilent 54831B as oscilloscope
  • #7349: Driver Agilent 34401A
  • #7352: Driver Antenna Schwarzbeck BBHA 9120J
  • #7353: Driver Antenna Schwarzbeck STLP 9128ES
  • #7354: Driver Directional Coupler werlatone C7354
  • #7356: Driver AR 500W1000B
  • #7381: R&S ESL6: Several GPIB communication problems
  • #7397: RadiField RFS1006B Returns Error 521. Driver 3 current out of range
  • #7403: Communication with plugin cards is lost
  • #7424: Keysight N9083A runs incredibly slow after 3.6 GHz in scanned receiver mode
  • #7433: Not all data is recorded in RE GTEM
  • #7461: Unable to use formula option in AD converter
  • #7466: RadiField RFS1006B Returns Error 560. Communication amplifiers failed
  • #7478: EFT/Surge and VDI Report Generator keywords overview
  • #7480: Question regarding R&S IMS device drivers
  • #7483: Update the RadiMation software requirements
  • #7486: RSW1024S Interlock: Not all bytes are written to the GPIB-Boadr within the timeout period
  • #7487: RadiField RFS1006B Returns Error 526. time out error GPIB
  • #7488: RadiField RFS1006B Returns Error 1087. Signal power went to high (-6dB) during power delivery test
  • #7493: RadiField RFS1006B Disconnecting error: No amplifier connected
  • #7494: Kalmus amplifiers cannot be controlled. GPIB: No listener on the bus
  • #7495: RadiField RFS1006B Power off after disconnecting device
  • #7502: Extend the IDocument interface to also return an unique IDataIdentifier
  • #7503: Change the implementation of IGraphElement::DataIdentifier to also use the IDataIdentifier of the data document as the parent IDataIdentifier
  • #7504: List of available graphs should use the IDataIdentifier of the graph element
  • #7508: End frequency is not correctly stored in an attenuation/gain system calibration
  • #7516: NI DAQ Error 6009 Unable to keep up with the hardware acquisition
  • #7521: How can the complete graph data of the polar plot be exported as table data?
  • #7534: SMR40 driver slowed down in communication
  • #7538: How to disable the power delivery test?
  • #7539: Driver Antenna BBA 9106
  • #7541: Driver PowerSensor Agilent N1911A
  • #7543: Driver Antenna SBA 9113
  • #7547: The used and installed version of the NI GPIB Library should be logged in RadiLog
  • #7548: Setting the VISA communication setting to the Visa-ID is automatically being changed to RS-232
  • #7550: Driver Broadband Preamplifier Schwarzbeck BBV 9743
  • #7556: Extend the license that the user agrees that RadiLog and other reported gathered data being send might contain confidential content
  • #7558: Driver Keysight EXG N5173B signal generator
  • #7562: Driver SG6000 Signal Generator
  • #7564: Driver Measuring amplifier B&K 2636 Analog, 1 channel (via GPIB now)
  • #7570: Driver Directional Coupler Warlatone C9475
  • #7571: Driver Teseq CDN M016S
  • #7572: Driver Teseq CDN S501AS
  • #7573: Driver CDN S751AS
  • #7574: Driver Werlatone C5982 Dual Directional Coupler
  • #7577: Easy merge of multiple EUT Attenuation/Gain corrections to one correction
  • #7583: ETS-Lindgren HI-6053 error No match was found in the specified regular expression
  • #7584: Driver Generic NI DAQ mx AD Converter device driver
The complete list of release notes can be found on:

The new 2016.1.9 release of RadiMation can be downloaded from the DARE!! web-site: Image

We always advise to thoroughly test EACH new RadiMation software version to determine if it works correctly in your situation with your equipment, before you use it for daily measurements. This is even a requirement for all ISO 17025 accredited test-labs. To enable customers to validate new software versions before they implement that new software version, we even made it possible to install multiple versions of RadiMation side-by-side on a single PC.
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