New BETA version: RadiMation BETA version 2017.1.3

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New BETA version: RadiMation BETA version 2017.1.3

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We have released a new BETA version of the RadiMation software, which includes several improvements and fixes for problems that have been detected since the release of the 2016.2.10 version.
This version 2017.1.3 is still a BETA version but will probably become the new major version after it has been validated at DARE!! Measurements for two weeks. We do provide you this BETA version, so you can already start the validation, or you can review and test the changes that are included. We strongly advise to test and verify (according to your quality system) this and each new version of RadiMation at for example a separate PC or laptop with your setup and with your measurement equipment, before you are going to use it for daily operation.

The new BETA 2017.1.3 release of RadiMation can now be downloaded from the DARE!! web-site. Image

We always advise to thoroughly test EACH new RadiMation software version to determine if it works correctly in your situation with your equipment, before you use it for daily measurements. This is even a requirement for all ISO 17025 accredited test-labs. To enable customers to validate new software versions before they implement that new software version, we even made it possible to install multiple versions of RadiMation side-by-side on a single PC.

Known issues
We already are aware of 1 known issue in this version.
It is possible that during the startup of RadiMation the following dialog is shown, which states that the access to the 'ErrorModeFile.radilog' is denied. You can just click on 'Continue' and RadiMation will continue to work normally. This error message only influences the RadiLog program, but doesn't influence the behaviour of RadiMation.
Access denied exception during startup
Access denied exception during startup
AccessDeniedException.jpeg (20.09 KiB) Viewed 7578 times
If you have a problem or question, please do not hesitate to report it to us, so we can continue to improve RadiMation.

New functionality
We also include several improvements and new functionalities in version 2017.1.3, the most important improvements are:
  • Graphs filtering in multiband immunity, which fixes the overwriting graph problem
  • 1 Hz on/off software pulse modulation
  • New user interface for Sequence configuration window.
  • Several user interface and usability improvements.
  • Report generator fixes.
  • Better control of measurement equipment.
Fixed issues
The following issues are fixed in this 2017.1.3 version (compared to the 2016.2.10 version):
  • #506: 1 Hz on off modulation is not possible according to the DO-160E / ED-14E standards
  • #2947: Amplifier is turned off when closing another multiband test
  • #3032: Opening an Multiband test while performing a Multi band test is messing up the test
  • #3241: RI multi band test is overwriting the previous information
  • #3598: Configurable Peak Table
  • #3970: Radiated emission multiband: detector from pre-measurement used during "continuous measure"
  • #4001: Difficulties to differ results from 2 bands with the same frequency range in multiband immunity tests
  • #4159: RBW in peak table (RE multiband)
  • #4248: Error Multiband start and end frequency
  • #5189: Sweeptime is used during final measurement instead of the QP measurement time
  • #5216: Test started event log entry should only be added in a restarted multiband test if manual or automatic is pushed
  • #5307: Despite of no changes the message "The file has changed, do you want to save changes?" is shown
  • #5341: After a Manual Mode change there is undesirable regulation
  • #5440: Can't zoom out after maximum zoom in at graph
  • #5469: Invalid Device Driver Handle error (Kalmus 727LC)
  • #5529: Invalid Device Driver Handle (Virtual) Amplifier
  • #5545: Graph is not updated when switching to the second band
  • #6075: During instable measurements it may happen that Peak and Quasi-Peak measurements are inconsistent
  • #6191: Add an 'Add Test' button to the Sequence window, to simplify the addition of a test
  • #6191: Add an 'Add Test' button to the Sequence window, to simplify the addition of a test
  • #6230: Table export only copies the time and frequency data
  • #6264: Overlapping bands in MB immunity are tested multiple times when only the modulation is different
  • #6352: Changing the activated detector during Continuous Measure clears the measured value of the deactivated detector
  • #6449: Frequency range settings are generating an error and the configuration of the TSF is lost when a read only test is saved as new test
  • #6452: Frequency array calculation of emission sweep of analyzer is missing a step
  • #6861: Radiated Immunity Multiband is referring to a receiver
  • #6907: Improve autosave functionality that it no longer overwrites the current test data, but first makes a backup
  • #7074: Possibility to change polarization of an existing calibration file
  • #7077: continuous measure is using sweep time setting
  • #7147: Redoing an already performed test overwrites the previous test-results
  • #7167: Amplifier linearity measurement accepted power lines hidden
  • #7177: Unable to zoom graph while test is running
  • #7203: A generic error occurred in GDI+
  • #7214: PI windows still do not fit at full window size using an acceptable resolution
  • #7242: Two electrical field graphs are shown. Which one is correct?
  • #7247: Prana amplifier is not correctly being put in Operate during immunity test
  • #7249: Show example of unit settings
  • #7252: RadiMation Free Responsiveness
  • #7254: Change Basic small controlling window for PowerMeter
  • #7255: Change Basic small controlling window for Amplifier
  • #7365: Minimum size of 'Burst' and 'Envelope Tracing' tabs of the VI Powermeter
  • #7411: Connection state is still orange while the device is already connected
  • #7441: Minimum Form Size is always set to 0,0 at runtime
  • #7449: VI Powermeter error lock when removing device
  • #7499: RadiMation opening EUT is slow
  • #7523: PI EFT Test levels are not covering all the different measurements
  • #7575: RadiLog long tests multiple log files.
  • #7581: Test description of the test is not visible in the test data
  • #7637: Driver: emtest UCS500-M4
  • #7644: Filling the EUT information is being slow.
  • #7717: Unchanged LLF is asking to be saved when closing the window.
  • #7721: System attenuation gain duplicate measurements
  • #7737: Report generator query keyword for the table information is not exporting any data
  • #7760: Ability to merge multiple Radiated Immunity CALibration files for different frequency ranges into one
  • #7768: Wrong frequency at monitoring input events
  • #7769: Saving tsf as ReadOnly data lost
  • #7773: Incorrect table information for frmVIPowerMeter at the ctlControlGraph table
  • #7779: Overlapping bands in MB immunity are tested multiple times when only the modulation is different
  • #7796: Compression Gain System Calibration default 1 amount of samples seems to result in a corrupt calibration file
  • #7799: Sorting of the ctlFormattableGrid is different when new columns is added
  • #7811: Clear button on the VI Fieldsensor doesn't seem to work when the table is shown
  • #7812: VI Fieldsensor keeps raising error messages when the probe is turned off before it is disconnected
  • #7819: No data document could be created for the test identifier: "
  • #7820: Test specific templates are gone after graph customization
  • #7824: Reflected power input in Multiband Immunity
  • #7836: Connect button is not showing 'Connecting'
  • #7842: Saving EUT file with keywords
  • #7844: Incorrectly saved Test results starts the test when reviewing the Test results
  • #7845: PI test EUT cable selection should be changable while TSF is read only.
  • #7866: Corrupt file saving when validator failed.
  • #7867: Out of memory when starting RI test
  • #7878: RadiLog error report containing # in description gives error.
  • #7885: Test data like notes and specific templates settings are updating or overwriting EUT overview settings
  • #7886: Resizing of the Graph customization window hides some graph customization controls
  • #7887: Missing keyword in Table shifts the table
  • #7893: Data file is not saved every 5 minutes, when a final peakmeasurement is busy
  • #7894: Radilog memory is not being swapped
  • #7896: Missing last test frequency in ReportGenerator output
  • #7897: Error Report send not always sending.
  • #7898: & sign in device driver name is not correctly shown in the EUT Monitoring dialog
  • #7902: MessageBox that is shown from the testsite before actions can be shown behind the main window
  • #7903: Unable to start RadiMation with incorrectly configured path
  • #7904: Default table settings are stored in the user interface
  • #7905: ReportGenerator Report and output file selection is not saved.
  • #7908: Invalid tsf in sequence can corrupt the sequence
  • #7915: Merging of calibration files looses the originally desired fieldstrength
  • #7918: Graph customization window can be made too small
  • #7922: External modulation should not be possible for a VI signal generator
  • #7926: The RBW value has changed by the device from 120 to 100 User description:
  • #7927: Duplicate more than 1 test at the same time in the new Sequence window.
  • #7932: Very long filenames of the RadiLog file cannot be opened by RadiLog
  • #7937: Signal generator VI frequency can be set outside the range of the controlled device
  • #7940: Why is the Peak Table disabled during an Emission test?
  • #7946: Opening test results directly sets the changed flag.
  • #7947: Switching to a different band using 'Continue automatic mode settings' is incorrectly checking if the carrier frequency is valid
  • #7950: Ability to hide Report Generator Template column for 'The keyword "" is available in the tempate' window
  • #7951: Sending unprintable characters with configurable device driver
  • #7953: Frequency list settings are not saved for a sequence and thus not used when Fixed power test is run from within a SEQ file
  • #7955: Size of Voltage Dips and interrupts TSF window can be made too small
  • #7962: RadiLog to long subject gives error. Strange behaviour occurs.
  • #7963: RadiLog parsing fail
  • #7964: Directly after installation, the power graphlines are not shown in the VI Powermeter
  • #7965: A read only TSF is also asked to save the changes
  • #7966: Last View update is being skipped
  • #7969: EFT tests with repetition rate 100 kHz (burst duration 0,75ms) can NOT be performed
  • #7971: Radilog saving file, file in use while reporting error.
  • #7980: Test data files are zero based count on disk which is confusing for end-users
  • #8003: Clear graph button for VI windows does not work (when disconnected)
  • #8004: Opening of locked files should wait for a few seconds and retry opening locked files
  • #8009: Opening a second CE Absorbing clamp test, switches both graphs from log to linear xaxis.
  • #8011: Exporting polar graphs contains a white space area.
  • #8015: Improve graphical representations of graph
  • #8021: When a Band has been selected the TSF is marked as being changed
  • #8029: Graphs during Multiband Immunity are not updated during test
  • #8030: VI powermeter windows does not work correctly
  • #8033: Combine user defined units to prevent multiple equal axis from being shown in graph
  • #8040: Error window location cut off
  • #8045: RDC files are always stored to the Global configuration path while standalone setting is used
  • #8046: Error report, cant write to temporary directory
  • #8053: EUT being removed after network reset.
  • #8054: Manual frequency is not measured when it is exactly the same as the last frequency in the calibration file.
  • #8061: Before actions are prompted multiple times at the end of the test
  • #8069: Shortcutkeys not updating ctlEvents
  • #8085: Gaps in graph lines.
  • #8091: Improve calculation of multiband immunity graphs
  • #8096: Auto detect peaks shows object reference error
  • #8097: Linear and logaritmische scale setting are not saved
  • #8101: RadiLog SQL files containing ";" is not opening correctly
  • #8104: RadiMation does not automatically refer and open the latest installed version
  • #8106: RadiLog object reference after saving
  • #8107: Errors are not reported in RadiMation
  • #8108: Error window tooltip causes object reference error.
  • #8109: Export full PEAK table
  • #8112: Radilog Parsing error when opening log from zip
  • #8114: Calibration Files do not use the same calibration method
  • #8130: Virtual Instruments infinit loop errors
  • #8137: Language files as unicode
  • #8138: VDI Impedance is set incorrectly to the device
  • #8140: VI Signal Generator all controls are still disabled after connected
  • #8144: Exporting graph to LLF in the graph options crashes
  • #8145: Unable to show AD Channels in 2017.1.1
  • #8199: Opening Multiband Immunity results takes a lot of time since graph filtering is implemented
  • #8210: Opening a RE Multiband test is taking one and a half minutes
  • #8238: Language file 0.lng
If you have specific questions regarding on of the above items, please contact us at

The complete list of release notes can be found on:
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