New Version: RadiMation version 2020.2.7

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New Version: RadiMation version 2020.2.7

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We have released an updated version of the RadiMation software, which includes several improvements and fixes for problems that have been detected since the release of the 2020.1.9 version.
This version 2020.2.7 has been validated by our internal software quality checks. We strongly advise to test and verify (according to your quality system) this and each new version of RadiMation at for example a separate PC or laptop with your setup and with your measurement equipment, before you are going to use it for daily operation.

The new 2020.2.7 release of RadiMation can now be downloaded from the Raditeq web-site. Image

We always advise to thoroughly test each new RadiMation software version to determine if it works correctly in your situation with your equipment, before you use it for daily measurements. This is even a requirement for all ISO 17025 accredited test-labs. To enable customers to validate new software versions before they implement that new software version, we even made it possible to install multiple versions of RadiMation side-by-side on a single PC. It is of course also possible to perform this validation on for example a separate PC or laptop.

The list of available device drivers is continuously updated on the RadiWiki website. Also the end-user manual and error explanations are updated to clarify user questions.
  • Several new device drivers, some of which are:
    • #11259: Driver: Keysight Technologies DSOX3014T
    • #11272: Driver: Keysight Technologies N9048B
    • #10562: Driver: TDEMI ULTRA 6
    • #11168: Driver: Ametek CIP 9136A.
    • #11171: Driver: BONN Elektronik BDC 1060-20/200.
    • #11172: Driver: Schwarzbeck HA9251-48.
    • #11180: Driver: BONN Elektronik BSA0140-250.
    • #11181: Driver: BONN Elektronik BLWA2010-400.
    • #11182: Driver: Ametek CBA 1G-1000.
    • #11183: Driver: Ametek CBA 3G-450.
    • #11442: Driver: RS2018B probe.
    • #11444: Driver: RS1860B stick probe.
  • In total 34 or more improvements or fixes
Known issues
  • #9118: Ambient suppression in Multiband Emission GTEM causes that the GTEM correlation is not performed
If you have a problem or question, please do not hesitate to report it to us, so we can continue to improve RadiMation.

Fixed issues
The following issues are fixed in this 2020.2.7 version (compared to the 2020.1.9 version):
  • #10688: Teseq NSG 4070-35: RS232: The rs232 runtime data is not created
  • #10996: Error message from the Inn-CO CO3000 during deinitialization of the test
  • #11161: Transient3000: How to setup the dip angle.
  • #11162: Transient3000: How to setup the reduced voltage time.
  • #11184: "DARE!! Instruments RGN6000B: Device returned Error code : 4005".
  • #10434: HP 34401A always uses the DC V setting Instead of AC V and therefore we are not able to calibrate
  • #10436: HP 34401A MultiMeter - By default select AC Coupling
  • #11133: HP 34401A cannot be used in AC mode
  • #11134: Driver: Frankonia Mast FC06.1
  • #11143: ESW Cannot set frequency range to defaults.
  • #11152: AC Coupling is selected in powermeter device driver of ESW, even though DC was selected in the configuration
  • #11167: R&S UPP400 Audio analyzer driver
  • #11281: ErrorReport: "Spectrum Analyser (ID1465) Input 1 (LAN): Specific System Error: -222,"Data out of range; BAND 1000 KHZ"".
  • #11296: Narda NBM550 Correction is not applied when another read-out unit is used but controlled the same
  • #11354: Rohde & Schwarz ESPI 3: Specific System Error: -222,"Data out of range; SCAN1:BAND:RES 0.1 KHZ".
  • #11357: Changes for RadiPowererror 602.
  • #11366: Spectrum Analyser (ID1556) Input 2 (LAN): Specific System Error: -200,"Execution error; Function not available; BAND 120 KHZ".
  • #11367: ErrorReport: "9kHz rbw problem".
  • #11502: Driver: R&S HP907
  • #10788: R&S ESU26: Receiver (ID1465) Input 1 (LAN): More points received from the receiver/analyzer then calculated.
  • #11443: Rohde & Schwarz FSL 6: Specific System Error: -148,"Character data not allowed; INP:COUP AC".
  • #10653: LAN Controlled INN-CO CO3000: Always error during deinitialization
  • #10534: Update Crypto++ library 8.2
  • #10664: Exception of type 'System.OutOfMemoryException' was thrown.
  • #10879: No error is raised when the RadiGen is controlled while the interlock is not closed.
  • #10905: 1GHz: Attenuation set too high
  • #11186: Exported average values are wrong.
  • #11187: Values are exported in linear scale but are expected as dB values.
  • #6032: Updating of RadiPower firmware shows that errors are detected
  • #8377: Conducted Immunity CS not able to execute in MB test error Illegal Conducted Immunity Calibration File
  • #10586: The manual AD convertor is raising wxWidgets errors when used in Multiband
  • #10920: In Word export File QP Markers are connected with a line
  • #11123: Sweeps are taken sporadically during continues movement of turntable frankonia FC06.1.
  • #11205: ErrorReport: "No voltage level indication available in CI-MB
  • #11273: Change solution DelphiAM compiler level to /wAll with TreatWarningAsError
  • #11284: "No current level indication available in CI-MB
  • #11330: RE: Radimation problem with report
  • #11325: Graphs shows values up to 350 dBuV when measuring with a TDEMI
  • #11326: CI - CS101 - SB - Power is not limited to value stored in Calibration file
  • #11338: RadiMation does not reset previous shown sub-windows when restarted on dual monitor systems
  • #11344: Unclear message: 'Connect powermeter to reference' during amplifier compression system calibration
  • #11346: ErrorReport: "Collection was modified; enumeration operation may not execute."
  • #11360: ErrorReport: "Signal power went too high (-6 dBm) during power delivery test"
  • #11363: RadiTower is moving a lot at minimum height.
  • #11377: ErrorReport: "Object reference not set to an instance of an object."
  • #11389: ErrorReport: "Object reference not set to an instance of an object.", when calculating the UFA
  • #11390: Error code from RadiSense IV is reported as another error
  • #11429: RE: Report Generator inserts Horizontal for Polarisation keyword when graph and test contains combined horizontal and vertical traces
  • #10684: Shorten the menu entries in the (main) menu
  • #10706: About window dynamic version number update.
  • #10711: update darelang to accept devexpress controls
  • #10750: Ampersands are shown in the new ribbon menu
  • #10835: Could not load file or assembly 'DevExpress.Dialogs.v19.2.Core
  • #10881: One-tabpage tabcontrols to show as a border have a TabStop
  • #10706: About window dynamic version number update.
  • #10707: Replace all controls on all windows.
  • #10709: Replace the icon on all the windows.
  • #10712: Update windows and controls in the shared libraries.
  • #10713: Replace all popup menus to use the DevExpress popup menu.
  • #10848: InvalidArgument=Value of '0' is not valid for 'DropDownHeight'.
  • #10853: Scrolling in screenshot image of error report is not possible anymore.
  • #10856: Oldest line of the eventlog is selected.
  • #10857: Customize button on the Graphs tab of the configuration dialog is partially hidden.
  • #10862: Two different languages are marked as '(Current)'.
  • #10864: Company logo of the reseller is not shown anymore.
  • #10873: Object reference error.
  • #10882: Activate DirectX support on the skinned version.
  • #10893: The date picker is no longer available.
  • #10708: Put controls that are directly on a form in a panel
  • #10722: Retrieve gray-scaled pictures to be included on buttons
  • #10723: Change colored pictures to gray-scaled pictures
  • #10975: Data of S-Parameter measurement is not shown anymore
  • #11012: Icons for the correction file selection on the device driver configuration are huge
  • #11029: Object reference error when a new heliview antenna diagram location is created
  • #11030: Value cannot be null, when specifying the address of the Heliview location
  • #11031: Smallest window size of Heliview Integrity test is not correct
  • #11032: Starting the Heliview integrity test crashes RadiMation
  • #11160: When 'measure during turn' is activated without a turntable in the testsite, the tests stops very fast without warning
  • #10681: convert main menu to the DevExpress XtraRibbon
  • #10682: Build dynamic devices menu in XtraRibbon
  • #10683: Build dynamic testsite menu in DevExpress XtraRibbon
  • #10861: Add a 'Configure' button on the Standard selection dialog.
  • #11249: problem with generating logarithmic step from immunity testing in report
  • #11289: RI MB TSF cause crash; see gif.
  • #11381: Embedded font warning when opening pdf manual
  • #4170: Report generator ability export table cells without unit
  • #10852: Error -2147024893 after initial installation
  • #11000: Cannot find field probe 0 in the currently active testsite.
  • #11231: ErrorReport: "Error Virtual device and then out of memory error after second run of LISN test: "
  • #11247: Version number that is included in the ErrorReport e-mail has 4 parts instead of normally communicated 3 parts
  • #11303: Report generator keywords for impedance are not described in the manual
  • #11305: Opening >1 LLF from explorer having RadiMation closed will lock the file.
  • #11311: Table of content starts at level 4
  • #11324: Logarithmic value interpolation is not working
  • #11400: Buttons in PI- EFT are not according to GUI guidlines.
  • #11407: Configure button standards, icons are missing.
  • #11408: Move save as button in Test equipment screen.
  • #11409: Make it possible to show delete or remove in the ctlAddEditRemove control
  • #11413: Duplicate button is not perfectly aligned, as it is placed slightly lower than the other buttons
  • #11286: Change email adres in language files.
  • #11410: Adjust form "Test Engineer" to use the notification control.
  • #11415: Using edit button EUT Information is not doing anything
  • #11431: Anchoring and resizing of frmSequence
  • #11439: Cannot update drivers for Raditeq RadiMation
  • #11440: Cannot change language in 2020.2.6.
  • #11449: ErrorReport: "Keyboard functions not working when browsing for EUT file"
  • #11452: Report generator issues (graph not included + unit text missing in description)
  • #11453: Report generator does not include column: Peak Value
  • #11458: Settings the test state in EFT/Surge Manual does not correctly progress the test state
  • #11460: Treeview selection control on graph export is not correctly sized.
  • #11472: Include correct dialogs dll in setup.
  • #11475: Units are not visible behind start frequency.
  • #11485: Column ‘selected’ with text ‘true’, when no final peaks are measured.
If you have specific questions regarding on of the above items, please contact us at

The complete list of release notes can be found on: ... tes_2020.2 .
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