New version: RadiMation version 2023.2.3

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New version: RadiMation version 2023.2.3

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We have released an updated version of the RadiMation software, which includes several improvements and fixes for problems that have been detected since the release of the 2023.2.2 version.
This version 2023.2.3 has been validated by our internal software quality checks. We strongly advise to test and verify (according to your quality system) this and each new version of RadiMation at for example a separate PC or laptop with your setup and with your measurement equipment, before you are going to use it for daily operation.

The new 2023.2.3 release of RadiMation can now be downloaded from the Raditeq website. Image

We always advise to thoroughly test each new RadiMation software version to determine if it works correctly in your situation with your equipment, before you use it for daily measurements. This is even a requirement for all ISO 17025 accredited test-labs. To enable customers to validate new software versions before they implement that new software version, we even made it possible to install multiple versions of RadiMation side-by-side on a single PC. It is of course also possible to perform this validation on for example a separate PC or laptop.

Known issues
  • #9118: Ambient suppression in Multiband Emission GTEM causes that the GTEM correlation is not performed
If you have a problem or question, please do not hesitate to report it to us, so we can continue to improve RadiMation.

Fixed issues
The following issues are fixed in this 2023.2.3 version (compared to the 2023.2.2 version):
  • #13901: ESIB 7 error
  • #13913: Extend Bonn amplifier driver to reset water cooling interlock error at retry
  • #13925: The start position should be allowed to be higher than the end position of the X-orientation of the probe positioner
  • #13926: The start position should be allowed to be higher than the end position of the Y-orientation of the probe positioner
  • #13938: Change the x-position and the y-position generator to behave as an uni-directional generator by default
  • #13951: Extend manual or add application note regarding usage of axis specific correction factors of field probes
  • #13955: Add 4 steps as a default possible options for the XY positioner step count
  • #13957: ESR TD driver has a resolution configuration which is not expected
  • #13965: UFA Calculation not possible due to unspecified tolerance in calibration files - Field closed loop method
  • #13966: Maturo NCD turntable time expired before operation completed
  • #13996: index outside the bounds
  • #14011: Maturo NCD Turntable: Timeout expired before operation completed.
  • #14012: EMPower 7002-009 010 Optie 010 not detected
  • #14016: Extend the Maturo NCD Antenna tower to send the height with fractions.
  • #14023: R&S ESRP3 Analyser has a default port of 7895 this should be 5025
  • #14029: EN61000-4-3:2020 Constant Power method is interpreted as being constant field method in the UFA configuration dialog
  • #14033: Driver: Raditeq GTEM RGT0250A, RGT0500A, RGT1100A
If you have specific questions regarding on of the above items, please contact us at

The complete list of release notes can be found on: ... tes_2023.2 .
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