How to access information of corrupted files

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How to access information of corrupted files

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How to access to the information of corrupt files if it is possible?
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Re: How to access information of corrupted files

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We have to admit that sometimes it is indeed possible that due to software development bugs, some files are corrupted.
In practice it will be impossible for an end-user to access the information of those corrupted files. The best thing you can do is to contact us at, and send us a copy of the corrupted files. We will then do our best to retrieve and restore the data from the files. Very often we will be able to implement a solution in the RadiMation software that detects the corruption and automatically performs the data restoration. In that situation we will provide you with an updated version of RadiMation which will allow you to open the corrupted files again.

If you have a question or problem using our RadiMation software, just contact us at, and we can help you to resolve the problem.
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