Compatible with a lot of equipment

What do you consider to be the main strengths of the RadiMation software?
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Compatible with a lot of equipment

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Compatible with a lot of equipment
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Re: Compatible with a lot of equipment

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Based on our experience, every EMC test facility is using a lot of different brands of EMC equipment. We therefor have a main design goal, to support all EMC equipment that is commercially available. This results in the situation that we currently have more than 4000 different device drivers for all kinds and brands of EMC equipment.
Every end-user that has a valid service contract is also allowed to download the latest set of device drivers, which includes all the device drivers that we provide.

And we also do have existing device drivers for a lot of old equipment, that sometimes is still in use at EMC facilities. For example the HP 8566 analyzer or the Advantest TR4172.

A list of all the supported EMC equipment is available on our RadiWiki site. ( ... nufacturer )
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