Is it possible to measure 600 V/m with an Amplifier Research FM5004?

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Is it possible to measure 600 V/m with an Amplifier Research FM5004?

Post by incognito » 10 Oct 2019, 14:10


I have a question about radiated immunity. We are trying to achieve 600V/M levels but the software restricts the (Field Monitor) FM 5004 from going past 300V/M.

There are four ranges: auto range, range 2, range 3 and range 4. Range four only goes to 300V/M. There are no other ranges we can select to go past 300V/M.

The field probe is a Holaday probe, Model: HI-4433-STE

Thanks in advance!

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Re: Is it possible to measure 600 V/m with an Amplifier Research FM5004?

Post by joro » 10 Oct 2019, 14:36

We understand, your confusion regarding the possibility to measure above 300 V/m when you are using the AR FM5004 unit.

In our RadiMation device driver for the Amplifier Research FM 5004, we do provide you with the possibility to select an appropiate 'Range Mode'.
FM5004ConfigurationDialog.png (9.53 KiB) Viewed 366 times
The highest range is range 4, which seems to be limited to 100 - 300 V/m. Your question if values above 300 V/m can be measured is indeed understandable, as based on the content of the dialog it seems that the maximum measured voltage is 300 V/m.

We investigated this question, and reviewed the manual of the HI-4433-STE. (available at: ... ev%20L.pdf).
In the manual it can be seen that there are several HI-4433 probes with different range specifications.
HI-4433Specifications.png (71.63 KiB) Viewed 366 times
All of these HI-4433 probes have 4 ranges, but the limitations of the probe ranges is different for each probe model.
The allowed ranges that are specified for the HI-4433-GRE are used for the design of the configuration dialog. The values that are given in the FM5004 dialog should thus only be used as an indication for a HI-4433-GRE field probe for other field probes the corresponding values as they are specified in the manual should be used.

Thus when you are using the HI-4433-STE, 'Range 3' will be using the third range of the HI-4433-STE, which goes up to 1000 V/m.

We also checked the remote control of the FM 5004, and I can confirm that the device driver doesn't do a real modification of the measured value, or any mapping from the range to the allowed fieldstrength range.

I do expect that when you select 'Range 3' in the RadiMation configuration dialog of the FM5004, you will be able to measure the desired 600 V/m fieldstrength. For now, just ignore the values that are shown in the dialog, as those value are only applicable for the HI-4433-GRE.

I hope that this answers your question, otherwise please let us know.

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