New version: RadiMation version 2016.1.12

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New version: RadiMation version 2016.1.12

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We have released an updated minor version of RadiMation software, which includes several new device drivers and some small fixes for problems that have been detected since the release of the 2016.1.11 version.
We strongly advise to test and verify (according to your quality system) this and each new version of RadiMation at for example a separate PC or laptop with your setup and with your measurement equipment, before you are going to use it for daily operation.

The following issues are fixed in this 2016.1.12 version (compared to the 2016.1.11 version):
  • #1784: Agilent E4416A/E4417A (EPM-P series) should have option to measure Peak power
  • #5629: Include option to 'Run Radimat.exe' after Device Drivers setup program
  • #7080: Driver: EM test CWS 500N2.2
  • #7099: Changing Powermeter advanced Measure setting is not enabling other settings when only the value is changed
  • #7301: Driver Messtechnik Motion detection system
  • #7475: Extend Field sensor device driver configuration with advanced Monitoring measurement settings
  • #7476: Wrong measurements at first frequency point of the test
  • #7615: Does the driver of the Power meter E4417E performs reading of the peak value?
  • #7641: Measurements take a long time with the Advanced ESU 40 / FSV as a powermeter
  • #7650: Voltage test level Voltage measurement (Powermeter) is not measured
  • #7659: Agilent N5182A error the measurement device does not support this functionality
  • #7666: Driver R&S EZ17 current probe
  • #7668: Driver: Schaffner/TESEQ CDN S150
  • #7669: Driver Schaffner/TESEQ CDN USB/p
  • #7672: Driver: MEB CDN S25
  • #7673: Driver: MEB CDN S1/50
  • #7674: Driver MEB CDN MEB KEMZ801
  • #7676: Driver: Switch matrix HP3488A
  • #7677: Driver: NRP8SN
  • #7678: Driver: Directional Coupler RFPA RFC801000 -40-150
  • #7679: Driver: Directional Coupler RLC CHP-1040-D-40-40-FF
  • #7681: Driver CDN Schaffner USB/c
  • #7683: Driver CDN Teseq M116
  • #7684: Driver: NRP8 Power meter
  • #7698: EM Powermeter unable to pass the checkdevice.
  • #7702: Driver: ETS-Lindgren's 8100-045 RF Power Amplifier
  • #7703: Driver: Werlatone C10762 Coupler
  • #7704: How to use a manual Turn Table during Multiband Emission?
  • #7709: Sensata Olimex SENT (Configurable AD Converter) Timeout before operation completed
  • #7710: Spectrum Analyser (ID1465) Input 2 (LAN): SPecific System Error: -410, "Query interrupted"
  • #7730: False graph of result of N9000-series measurement: High emissions
  • #7739: Agilent E4417A Not all bytes are written to the GPIB-Board within the timeout period (GPIB: EABO)
  • #7747: EMTest UCS500N + Phase 3 coupler Error
  • #7749: SetEndOfString is not used
  • #7762: Ability to use the Configurable AD Converter for PMX
  • #7771: R&S ESI as powermeter is measuring too fast
  • #7772: The measure time is not always correctly set when the receiver is used as a powermeter
  • #7774: Correction of resistor is not used in magnetic field measurement
The complete list of release notes can be found on:

The new 2016.1.12 release of RadiMation can be downloaded from the DARE!! web-site: Image

We always advise to thoroughly test EACH new RadiMation software version to determine if it works correctly in your situation with your equipment, before you use it for daily measurements. This is even a requirement for all ISO 17025 accredited test-labs. To enable customers to validate new software versions before they implement that new software version, we even made it possible to install multiple versions of RadiMation side-by-side on a single PC.
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